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Cusco Puno by bus

Cusco Puno by bus

The Navel of the World
Welcome to the city of Cusco, the ancient capital and spiritual center of the Incas, once considered “the navel of the world” and the center of the Tawantinsuyo Empire. This is the city where the four main roads that connected every corner of the empire originated. Get ready to discover the mystery of this city, its legends and religion, its rulers and construction techniques, its temples, streets and plazas, as well as the arrival of the Spaniards and the foundation of the Colonial Cusco.

The Origin of the Empire
The history of the Andean people has always been linked to Lake Titicaca. According to the old priests, a very long time ago, when gods still walked the earth, the Sun God felt sorry for the human race because they were living like beasts. So, he sent one of his sons called Manco Capac as well as a daughter called Mama Ocllo from heaven who came out of Lake Titicaca to establish the Inka Empire.

6:40 am Arrival to the bus station to board the tourist bus to Puno. Our first stop on the way to Puno is the small town of Oropesa, famous for Pan Chuta, a large round bread loaves, made in colonial tradition. We will try some of this bread specially prepared for our group.

Andahuaylillas Church
Our next stop will be at the Church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, also called “The Sistine Chapel of America” for its beautiful paintings and intricate woodwork.

Raqchi is an Incan archaeological site located in the district of San Pedro in the province of Canchis, Cusco. It is also known as the Viracocha temple due to one of its emblematic buildings.

Buffet Lunch
We will stop in Sicuani and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch

La Raya(4338 masl)
We will continue our trip to La Raya. This place marks the border between the regions of Puno and Cusco, and is the highest point on the route between Cusco and Puno at 4,338 meters (14,396 feet) above sea level.

Pukara was the first regional population centre, north of Lake Titicaca and provides valuable information about the origins of the Andean civilization in the highlands.

Puno (3800 masl)
Around 5:30pm you will arrive to the city of puno, located in southern Peru, on edge Lake Titicaca, one largest lakes south america and highest navigable world.

- Breakfast at the hotel in Cusco
- Hotel pick up and transportation to the bus station in Cusco
- Professional tour guide
- Guided visits to Andahuaylillas Church, Raqchi and Pukara
- Admission tickets
- Buffet lunch on the way to Puno
- Dinner at the hotel in Puno
- Hotel accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels in Puno
- Permanent assistance

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Cusco Puno by bus

Cusco Puno by bus

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